Adopting PI Practice

The PI practice has been successfully adopted by corporations, universities, nonprofits, NGOs, groups and individuals with ongoing needs in changing, unclear and challenging circumstances which require action — when they recognize the need to better understand the situation in order to develop and choose the best action plans and gain alignment with others.

The Development of the LS&CO.
Collaborative Leadership Principles and Model.

In the Case History section of the website you read the story about the Levi Strauss Inquiry.

After the “LS&CO. Way” − Statement of Values, Core Purpose and Goals − was written, the WLT wanted to be sure the statement would drive business strategies and behaviors, decisions and actions and not be empty words on a wall somewhere.

Because of the success of the Inquiry, LS&CO. adopted the PathFinder Pragmatic Inquiry method as their “Collaborative Leadership Model”, renaming the five steps:  “Be Attentive, Explore Intelligently, Interpret Openly, Decide Responsibly and Act with Firm Resolve.”  

Notre Dame University, Mendoza College of Business, Executive Education — Executive Integral Leadership Program,

Statement of Purpose from the website:

Executive Integral Leadership (EIL) Program offers a values-based approach to leadership, inspiring you to get reacquainted with your values and behaviors and then to leverage that knowledge effectively. At the conclusion of this life-changing experience, you will be prepared to think and act in alignment with your values and to face every challenge with increased courage and confidence.

Use of the PathFinder:

The PathFinder is used to help the participants work on a specific challenge they face in their organization. This acts as a “thread” through the Program so they can test their values and vision. It allows participants to integrate the teachings of the class with their own reflections on personal and organizational success. “It was kind of like my own scientific method of inquiry,” says one participant, “and from it I was able to interpret data and draw my own conclusions.”

DePaul University, Institute for Business and Professional Ethics — Integrative Sustainable Management Program

Institute for Business and Professional Ethics — Integrative Sustainable Management Program

In this workshop, we start directly with the Challenge:

Are you asking the right Questions?  If you aren’t…you can be sure a competitor – somewhere in the world – is.

Come to this unique workshop, and we will challenge you and your team to think more creatively and effectively about your organization’s true value within a socially fragile and resource-constrained 21st century. 

In our workshops, we focus on how economic challenges, sustainability, and social concerns can drive strategies to create and deliver value to a wider variety of stakeholders. The goal is to shift your thinking about organization issues from a narrow focus on sustainability towards a broader framework for building Integrative Sustainable Management practices.

Beta Gamma Sigma — Student Leadership Forum

Debuting in 2001, the Beta Gamma Sigma Student Leadership Forum brings together student members from colleges and universities across the country for a chance to improve their leadership skills. A hands-on experience, the Student Leadership Forum challenges the chosen participants to examine questions such as, “What Kind of Leader Can I Be?” Team-building exercises, social activities, networking, and other activities make the Student Leadership Forum a very positive step forward in the professional lives of those taking part.