All paths lead to “begin”: what are your ideas, challenges, and question?

Get started on the path to significant, strategic, sustainable results.

PathFinder PI helps you come to a decision leading to action, suggested by the evidence of your own experience.

Insights and alignment with your personal values and vision, or your organization’s—can be achieved through an evaluation from different perspectives and a rigorous and open interpretation of the data where “everyone holds a piece of the truth.”

We look in depth at the three elements that are too seldom examined in most decision-making processes and overlooked in the day-to-day pressure of business:

1. Your Values and Beliefs
— which guide your behavior, decisions, and actions.

2. Your Core Purpose
— what business are you in?

3. Your Goals — what is the result, the aim,
of accomplishing your purpose?

These are what drive strategies:

Challenge your assumptions and engage this time-honored and well-tested practice to help you re-think experiences, plans and what you know and value, and search for new explanations.In effect, reinterpret the meaning of your experiences into an updated guide for successful decision making. The result of the Inquiry will be an action you may not have expected, but cannot not do it now that you have learned what’s possible.

Want to explore framing a challenge question?

Every challenge can benefit from Pragmatic Inquiry.

Explore your challenge/question with a PI leader. (And help check if it is the right one.) They know how to guide you into the process. The thinking – research and reflection – part, generating the answer part is yours.

Want to know how your challenge could benefit from a PI engagement? Make a request.

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