Values and Leadership

Igniting your values and vision to drive sustainable organization performance.

“A value is any belief, principle, or virtue held so deeply – consciously or unconsciously – that it drives behavior, decisions and actions.” — Ron Nahser

Pragmatic Inquiry acts as a thread through all kinds of programs, seminars, strategic planning sessions etc.  It is a way of thinking about some issue from different perspectives

At the heart of it all though is to determine what values and vision are driving the decisions to be made.

Again that is at the heart of pragmatism – putting values and beliefs into action.

We are often asked if our emphasis on values is too soft. On the contrary, we believe that challenging, clarifying and activating values (any belief, principle or virtue held so deeply — consciously or unconsciously — that drives behavior, decisions and action) is essential to our inquirers leading some sort of organization management effort.

So we engage the inquirers in an “arc of inquiry” — from their pre-work with the Challenge/question that what to address, and reflect on what is driving them. We believe that is a source of courage – something not often discussed.  But we believe that is what will keep the inquirers focused and motivated during the inevitable tough times in implementing change.

We stress leadership for another simple reason – the principles of sustainability and the need for sustainable management have long been known. And even with the heightened awareness today, there is the need for creative and tough decisions. What has been missing is the vision and courage to drive the change needed. That’s why we put such emphasis on values and the ability to generate ideas – to learn what needs to be done in a rapidly changing environment…and then having the courage to do it.