PathFinder Lab Journal, Field Notebook

Pragmatic Inquiry is a deep discipline, and as with all disciplines, it takes time to engage in the practice for your own problem solving.  The Lab Journal is your guide and reference to the key points of Pragmatic Inquiry and will help to guide you through and record your discovery of developing truths.

We publish these under the Creative Commons permission to encourage others to experiment with the line of questioning, and share their experiences with our Pragmatic Inquiry Community. That is how these seemingly simple – but philosophically rigorous – wording and order of these questions evolved. So, if you use them, please let us know how they are working, and in what context. See Corporate and Academic case histories:

PathFinder Lab Journal

A full comprehensive notebook outlining the disciplined process of Pragmatic Inquiry. We call it a “Lab Journal” to reflect the practice of testing hypotheses, a key insight of pragmatism. It’s used as a discussion guide to help walk you through and record your discovery of solid truths and answers.

PathFinder Lab Journal – Introduction: Why, What, How.

Contact Corporantes for information on the full journal. We are always in the process of refining and making our material better. From time to time we publish updates that reflect new sections, language and tools.

Field Notebook

This notebook is a condensed version of the Lab Journal. It’s ideal for classroom settings and discussion group brainstorming sessions. Here is the version published in “Learning to Read the Signs.”

Field Notebook Update

Here is how it was used for an Arc of Pragmatic Inquiry at Presidio Graduate School for students from UEAN, Bogota, Colombia.

UEAN Presidio Silicon Valley Seminar PathFinder Field Notebook: “What’s your big idea?”

Let us know what your questions, challenges, problems, issues are that you think Pragmatic Inquiry might help you address.

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