Leadership Workshops

Do you have an ongoing demand for strategic decisions, or resolving complex service and product issues unique to your business? Come to a Leader Lab, or schedule one to come to you.

Over the years, we have engaged many interested organizational and leadership professionals as well as business educators who wanted to learn how to incorporate Pragmatic Inquiry into their work.  We have developed a 2.5 day Leader Lab where participants go through the arc of inquiry on a project of theirs – most often the challenge they hope Pragmatic Inquiry can help them address – and learning the philosophy driving the Inquiry.

PathFinder Inquiry Leader’s Qualification

There is one fundamental qualification for a PathFinder Pragmatic Inquiry leader:  You must be an inquirer yourself!  You approach life with your actions driven by your values and vision and are open to new ideas, recognizing that you may not have all the answers.  In other words, the Inquiry Leader must be a learner, open to the “truth we do not yet know, leading to the action we have yet to take”.

The experience of our Community of Pragmatic Inquiry Leaders has shown that the PathFinder can be used in many different situations, courses, and programs.  But the common theme of its effectiveness is when it is put in the context of a decision to be made or challenge to be faced.  In an even broader context, through the inquiry, we are putting the question in the context of a “story”, whether for an individual or for a group.

You are not the content expert – the inquirer is – even though you may be very knowledgeable about the Inquiry topic. 

Therefore, whatever the question, the common denominator of all inquiries is that they involve answering some question that will lead to action.  The perspective of the leader, then, is to be an educator (Educare Lt:  to bring forth) – not a lecturer – a questioner and listener to bring or evoke knowledge and insight from the inquirer.

Every Inquiry Leader has the same experience:  the great satisfaction of seeing inquirers thinking, reflecting and learning. The result is coming to better decisions and actions.

Of course, leaders of all ages are found in all kinds of organizations: profit, non-profit and government. Here is a sample. See more cases.